U.S. Naval Vessel, Liner & U-boat
by Albert F. Bishop
Oil on canvas

This painting is signed by Albert F. Bishop, and dated 5-5-1915 in the lower right corner.  It depicts a World War I convoy at night.  A large warship is using a search light to find a lurking German submarine, the conning tower of which is located in the center foreground.  A large American steamer sails away harmlessly as a result of the warship chasing off the German sub.  It is possibly an idealistic painting to represent the threat of the submarine to convoys and the work done by warships, as opposed to an actual event like that recorded in the painting of USS Nicholson.

Albert F. Bishop was born in Connecticut in 1855, and is believed to have been active until at least 1927. He was an artist for Scientif American magazine, and is well known for paintings of ocean liners as lithographs on tin. These colorful lithographs were mounted on the walls of steamship agencies during the 19-teens and 1920's. 


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