SS India
Maker unknown
Victorian half-hull Ship Model

A half-hull model of the steamship India in natural and ebonized wood. Includes a lifeboat and railings and is shown mounted on a framed mahogany backing.  A small plaque portrays ship dimensions, ship name, company name, and builder. 
The SS India was a steamship that operated for the Calcutta and Birma Steam Navigation Company, which formed in 1856 out of the Mackinnon, Mackenzie & Company.  The company later changed it's name to the British India Steam Navigation Company around 1862.  The INDIA was built by Wm. Denny & Brothers in Dumbarton, Scotland, and possibly carried mail and other goods between Calcutta (Kolkata), Rangoon (now Yangon, Myanmar), and Moulmain (Mawlyamine, Myanmar). 




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