SS Princess Royal
by J. Beckett
Oil on canvas, 19” x 33”

This painting portrays the British paddle steamer Princess Royal, built by Tod & McGregor on the Clyde in 1841.  The Glasgow and Liverpool Royal Steam Packet Company (later M. Langland & Sons) commissioned her, and she later wrecked near Cornwall in 1856.  The vessel would have run twice per week between the two ports for a voyage that would have lasted approximately 18 hours. 

Not much definite information could be found about the artist who signed this painting “J. Beckett.”  However, the time period also coincides with a J. Beckett listed in E. Benezit’s Dictionary as a landscape painter.  He/she exhibited in London from 1846 to 1847, at the British Institution and Suffolk Galleries.


Robins, Nicholas. Langlands & Sons and the Glasgow & Liverpool Royal Steam Packet Company. Forthcoming under Bernard McCall: Portishead.




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