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The authoritative magazine of the history of engine-powered vessels and the legacy of man's journey on the world's seas and waterways.

In this issue:

  • Bob-Lo Steamer Columbia
  • Hoboken’s Fifth Street Pier
  • A Hog Islander's Odyssey In World War II
  • Sailing (or Avoiding) The Exiles’ Line to India
  • U-Boats Off New England 1942–45
  • Ship Research, Part 2




Funding for the SSHSA educational outreach program is made possible in part by a grant from the Rhode Island Council for the Humanities (an independent affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities), the National Maritime Heritage Grant Program, and the Heritage Harbor Foundation.

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Leave a Lasting Legacy

Looking for a way to leave your mark on the world and support SSHSA? Board member Odd Brevik and longtime member Ed Spinney are spearheading a memorial brick program that will accomplish both.

SSHSA is establishing a memorial at the Ship History Center in Rhode Island to recognize the people, places and iconic vessels that have supported our organization throughout the last eight decades. Join us now and help make sure this impressive archive is around for generations to come.

Purchasing an inscribed brick is a timeless way to honor a ship, friend, family member or crewmate, past or present. Standard 4-by-8 inch bricks are $95, and a large 8-by-8 inch brick is $175, with logos $30 extra. Dozens of symbols are available, including all branches of the U.S. military anchors, atoms, boats (square rigger and yacht), fleur-de-lis, lighthouse, maple leaf, merchant marine, oars, ribbons (cancer awareness), SSHSA burgee and more.

By purchasing a brick, you are establishing your legacy at SSHSA and supporting the future of the organization. Proceeds will help sustain operations and grow membership. Click here to purchase a brick online or click here to download an application today!

(Photos: Odd Brevik (above) and Ed Spinney show off the first two bricks sold under the new memorial brick program.)

SSHSA in the News

Word about the public opening is making its way across television, radio and the web. See what the press has been saying about our Ship History Center!

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Warwick Post 5/9/17

Cumulus Community with Bill Haberman (630WPRO)

CNN - 7 fabulous steamboats around the United States

Dan Yorke State of Mind

Steve Klamkin and the WPRO Saturday Morning News

Providence Journal

My Backyard News





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