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RMS Saxonia
by W. Bennett
Oil on canvas

The RMS Saxonia (1899) was a British Cunard Line passenger ship launched in 1899 and scrapped in 1925.  She was built by John Brown and Company Ltd, of Glasgow, Scotland.  The SS Ivernia was her sister ship.  Saxonia was 14,281 tons, and 176 feet in length, rather small for the times.  She was launched in December 1899 and entered service for Cunard in 1900 on the Liverpool to Boston route until 1911. She served as a POW ship and troop transport during WWI.  After the war it she went back to Cunard on the Liverpool to New York route.  

W. Bennett has not been found in the marine artist dictionaries consulted.  Bennett has signed and dated the painting in the lower right corner, and titled the painting SS Saxonia in the lower left corner.  The Blue Peter (International Code letter N) flies from the foremast and indicates the ship is ready to sail and all passengers should be aboard.  This artist is likely the same artist that painted SS Caronia, also in this collection.



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